Group Corporate Team Building Activities

A unique team building workshop for your corporate group, as your team works together to organize and create a sketchbook representing your company.

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Group corporate team building activities in Paris

Workshop: How to Create a Company Documentary

As a unique team building activity for your company, your team will work together to organize and create a sketchbook representing your company.  Our art expert will stimulate the group’s creativity, while offering a fresh view of the company.

The technique of quick sketching is about relating the essential, in a simple and efficient way.  It helps develop attention span via listening and creativity to find solutions within a given constraint. Individual visions are brought together to build a collective report.

Workshop organization:

The group’s objective is to produce a documentary together, about a day at work, a department activity, a project under development, etc. In a few hours, each person produces a series of drawings, using diverse approaches. A succession of exercises helps group members maintain attention and create a good work rhythm.  The method adapts to all levels: it is not necessary to know how to draw already.  Workshops are designed according to the company’s needs for the team building session, and can include creative writing in addition to sketching. As the group works together, in a fun, supportive atmosphere, they become more and more confident and willing to express their ideas and creativity.

As practiced in the workshops, drawing develops:

  • Well-being, through the playful aspect and the concentration required
  • Positive attitude, to acknowledge the qualities of each drawing
  • Consciousness of the diversity of points of views
  • Sense of detail and observation, ability to maintain attention
  • Creativity, while finding solutions to reach a common goal;
  • Communication, exchange with one’s team mates
  • A fresh view of the work environment.

About Our Expert Artist:
As a public relations consultant for six years before turning to painting and writing, she understands business issues. As an experienced teacher, she knows how to find solutions to suit each group and personality. Her writing skills an editorial project, or for workshops that would be based on drawing and writing.

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